Resources for Teachers

The Mythstories website contains a bountiful collection of resources for teachers, click on the links below or on the right to access them.

"how to start a storyclub" you twelve self contained units which should give you enough workshop ideas for the first school year of your storytelling club. They are adaptable for pupils of all ages and work well with mixed age groups.

"making storytelling artefacts" you instructions for a wide range of objects that you and your pupils can easily make in the classroom and use to build literacy skills.

"the story site"

...with a graphic led menu it can be used by pupils working alone or with their teacher or partner in education. It is laced with ideas for educators to use or remodel for their own projects.

"other local storytellers" an up to date listing of professional tellers working in Mythstories' local area. It includes short interviews and stories from each of the tellers to help you choose the most appropriate one for your class.


...two Mythstories' resources about the use of archive material to shape a story can be found on Shropshire Archives see...
"The Ghost of Tom Moody" & "Death Bird".

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