Exhibit Of The Month 12

Traces of the Tudors

Over the past few months we've been busy making a new story creation artefact for the museum.

The process has been interesting and eye opening as we've been working alongside year 6 pupils from Holmer Lake Primary School in Telford. The pupils have shaped the ideas and been involved at all stages forming and testing the device as it evolved.

The artefact will be used to create lots of two-stage stories; murder tales from Tudor times; and ghostly encounters with Tudor spectres set in the modern day.

Pupils first visited the museum and explored all sorts of story creation and storytelling artefacts. This was followed by a trip to the nearby ruined Tudor Mansion at Moreton Corbet to collect base data, vocabulary and to hear some castle stories of course.

The work then began in earnest designing and building a model, coming up with character sketches for playing cards and researching a likely room layout for the mansion. Pupils chose murder weapons from the Tudor period and decided upon a cross section of modern day visitors to the castle, while Dez got busy with woodworking tools and Ali knitted Jute and cotton carpets from balls of string. The picture above shows Dez proudly displaying the prototype on its first trial at the school.

The finished artefact entitled "Traces of the Tudors" was launched on unsuspecting parents at an after school event at the school. Children told the stories they had created and their parents used the model to create their own original Tudor murder story.

The project was funded by Museums, Libraries and Archives under their Learning Links strand and has created two models one of which will remain at Holmer Lake School and the other is our exhibit of the month. It has taken its place in the Shropshire Gallery and is awaiting your visit so you can enjoy coming up with a bloodcurdling tale or two on your next trip to the museum.

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