Exhibit Of The Month 3

Bertilak & Morgan meet their makers

Dwarfing a team of their makers after being rebuilt in the museum are Bertilak, the Green Knight and Morgan le Fey, two processional giants who have chosen Mythstories as their retirement home.

Dominating the main hall of the museum Bertilak is keen to show off his severed neck, apparently anatomically correct in every detail. While Morgan le Fey stands tall, quietly resigned to the fact that she seems to be eternally pregnant.

Also on display with the towering twosome is the sword of a giant twice the height of Bertilak, the massive Gogmagog. When you next visit make sure you ask the storyteller to tell you the incredible story of how he too lost his head but lived to fight another day.

But whatever your taste in stories make sure you visit soon to appreciate the true size and elegance of these truly magnificently crafted giants, they are so lifelike you will find yourself holding a conversation with them before you realise what you are doing.

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