Exhibit Of The Month 13

The 8 Immortals

This month we feature a scroll of the eight immortals, ancient Chinese super heroes. Although some of their stories were first told way back in the mists of time many still have a contemporary resonance, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they sound as if they could be the stars of a modern comic book or graphic novel.

The beautiful decorated silk scroll affixed to a canvas backing was donated to the museum by storyteller, Ben Haggarty.

The scroll is one of the first exhibits you see on entering the museum and often provokes the first question; "but there are only seven. Where is the eighth immortal?" The answer says a lot about the museum; "go on turn the scroll and see if you can find him."

The eighth immortal that so many people search for is Zhang Guo Lao. He is the one you see on the right in the picture above riding backwards on a mule. That is no ordinary animal either, Zhang Guo Lao can fold the mule up and put it in his pocket and reconstitute it by spitting water on its back. The mule has other special powers too, but to learn about them you'll have to visit Mythstories and ask more questions.

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