Exhibit Of The Month 10

Edric & Godda

Coming out of store and returning on display for 2010 is "Edric Still Rides" a photostory updating of the Stiperstones legend of Edric, the saxon warlord, and Godda, his fairy queen wife.

The modern version of the tale is told in ten photographs by Nat Davies. It was commissioned by the museum in 2000 as part of an Arts Council of England funded project which paired two young photographers with two poets of more mature years. The team were set loose to investigate how the legend had endured since the 11th Century and how it still spoke to local people.

The story makes a strong statement about how town and country people never quite see things with the same eyes. Despite a whirlwind romance the lovers end up with nothing but their dreams and regrets.

We are pleased to say that the two young photographers have both gone on to forge successful international careers since completing the project. No regrets there!

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