Exhibit Of The Month 6

Various New Zealand Artefacts

Not just one exhibit, lots, but all can be traced back to New Zealand.

This group of artefacts was donated to the museum by the Secretary of the Chester U3A (University of the Third Age) Storytelling Group. The museum played host to the group's storytelling session with guests from the Whitchurch U3A group in May.

The collection is made up with a Kete basket and book of stories, power shells, a keyring depicting a Patupaiarehe (a Maori fairy) and a book of Maori stories.

The Patupiarehe can be dangerous little customers, they have been known to steal shadows from valuable objects, no doubt for their own museum collections. We will have to pay extra special attention to our collections management procedures in future months.

If you go travelling why not buy a souvenir that all our visitors can enjoy!

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