Exhibit Of The Month 7


Once a fruit, a relation of the humble marrow, not an auspicious start to life. Just look at him now, an artwork and a story, shake him and he'll rattle his seeds with glee.

This gourd has been slowly dried and then had a design etched into its flesh. Not just pictures but the story is there in captions you'll need good eyesight to see and a good command of Portuguese to read.

Come and see if you can fathom out the story of Juana, or ask our resident storyteller to tell you the tale. Just get ready to hold back the tears because this Peruvian saga of life and death doesn't have a happy ending.

This is one of a group of storytelling artefacts acquired for the museum by storyteller Helen East on a busy tour of South America. You'll have to visit the museum to see the others.

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