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the storyscape This month's "Exhibit of the Month" was chosen by me and it will come as no surprise that it's our newly commissioned storyscape.

This is a truly interactive exhibit. Visitors can play out the entirity of the story of Saxon warlord, Edric and his fairy bride, Godda. A catalogue of obsession, love and loss, the story is told on the museum's storytelling jukebox by Xanthe Gresham. While visitors listen to the tale they can explore the intricate art works created by artist Louise Frances Evans.

The photograph opposite shows Godda emerging from the hillside surrounded by her six sisters dancing in a grove of trees. Intricately etched, the sisters have an uncany ressemblance to standing stones. On the top of the hill are seven bangles, six permanantely interlocked while the seventh is detachable. They represent the sisterhood Godda inevitably returns to and also her need to detach to follow her fascination and live out her love affair in this world with the hero Edric.

Arts Council England Lottery Funded This is only one of the three related pieces which make up the storyscape. A trip to the museum to see, and use the other pieces is highly advised.

Finally I need to thank Arts Council England who provide the financial support that allowed this unique exhibit to come to life.

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