Exhibit Of The Month 14


Mary was so sad, the only way she could marry Jack was if he gave her father a "Ticket to Heaven".

A tall task, you might think, but just about anything is possible in a storytelling museum. On your next visit ask the storyteller to teach you how you can make a "Ticket to Heaven" for yourself.

The doll, however was not quite so easily made. The paragraph below shows you the process in the makers' own words.

"In 1983 I was given this porcelain head, arms and feet on condition that I made a DOLL! As I was a student of Anne Dyer's at Westhope College near Craven Arms I was instructed how to make the body, stuff it with sawdust, attach the arms after the porcelain hands had been sewn in, then the legs and feet. I then measured up and designed the Victorian type underclothes, dress, jacket and hat. The hair was clipped from a young Negro man friend (who contributed his curls). I dearly love my 'little lady'." By Una (Ester) Stimson

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