Exhibit Of The Month 4

The Krishna  Khavad

The story of Krishna in a box, with door upon door folding back to reveal more and more heroic adventures until you reach the shrine at its centre. In short that is a Khavad, a beautiful story artefact made in the Rajasthan region of India.

Khavad storytellers would travel from village to village with their portable story boxes opening the doors and decoding the pictures into the epic tales of the Indian gods to entertain, educate and edify the people.

The Krishna Khavad loaned to the museum by storyteller Helen East is not just an object to marvel over but also a blueprint and an inspiration to many of our visitors who have made their own Khavads of favourite tales.

Although the Khavad storytelling tradition is dying out nowadays in India (the boxes now mainly being made and sold to tourists) long may this creative storytelling machine inspire a new generation of tellers who visit Mythstories museum.

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