Exhibit Of The Month 5

Russian Palekh Plate

Not just one story, but many, are depicted on this fabulous Russian plate.

This plate was a real find. Gretel, a good friend of the museum, was searching through bric-a-brac shops in Shrewsbury for something completely different when she came across this beautiful Palekh plate, and she thought of us!

When Gretel brought it into the museum we quickly recognised Baba Yaga flying through the air in her mortar, and her house on chicken legs. But what were the other stories illustrated there?

Uncovering these took a little more research and a little inspiration from our Curatorial Advisor, Storyteller Fiona Collins. Fiona remembered a poem by Aleksandr Pushkin, "Lukomorye", and more precisely the preface...

An oak tree greening by the ocean;
A golden chain about it wound;
Whereon a learned cat, in motion
Both day and night, will walk around;
On walking right he sings a ditty,
On walking left, he tells a lay

Come to the museum to see if you can see 30 handsome armoured heroes, A mermaid sitting in a tree, The woodsprite, A warlock carrying a warrior and Kashey with the treasure. And, of course, to find out more about their stories.

The plate is one of a series of 12 on Russian legends if you spot another why not think of the museum too, a full set would make a marvellous display.

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