Exhibit Of The Month 58

Every year we set our work experience students the challenge of leaving their mark on the museum by creating an exhibit.

This year Chloe and Charlotte set about converting a New England Colonial style doll's house into a house of fairy tales, and, as you can see, they relished their challenge.

The house is now a magical environment for three stories. The three bears gather around their porridge pot in the kitchen. The big bad wolf is asleep in Granny's bed upstairs. A mysterious beanstalk winds its way around the verandas and balconies, and is even climbing the stairs.

There's also a fourth story in the making with the ghostly empty bedroom with the curtain blowing in the wind.

And we hope the stories won't stop here. Visitors will be invited to add a little something to the emerging compendium, and who can tell how the tales will evolve.

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