Exhibit Of The Month 51

Some things are so big they need to be displayed on a diagonal just to fit the available space. So hilt a kilter here we present Gogmagog's sword.

Some of our local supporters will recognise the name as that of the King of the giants who held court at Old Oswestry Hillfort. However this sword belonged to a massive processional giant of the same name who was made many moons ago by the Grand Order of Guizers, GOG for short, or should that be tall.

His relations Bertilak and Morgan have been previously featured on exhibit of the month 3, but little of the man himself remains. When dismantled he was too large to keep in any one place so his component parts were scattered around Albion in garages and lock ups here, there and everywhere.

Very few pictures of him are to be found either, but he is not a complete enigma. Recently one of the makers, Janet Dowling came across this team photo taken during his creation. He must have been a very impressive sight. To fully appreciate the great man's stature come and stand next to his sword on display within Mythstories museum.

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