Exhibit Of The Month 50

Bufeo Colorado

"I saw this and thought of you."

Joe uttered those immortal words as he passed over a little gift for the museum. If you hadn't guessed it is a Peruvian finger puppet in the shape of a pink river dolphin.

Joe, young storyteller and chairperson of Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin Young storyTellers (STWYTellers), had just returned from Indianapolis where he'd been on a Fulbright Scholarship getting more ideas on his brainchild NOYS, the National Organisation of Young Storytellers.

Why did this finger puppet make him think of Mythstories? The answer is two-fold; firstly because of the story of the pink river dolphin, Bufeo Colorado in the museum's own small rainforest; and secondly because of his storytelling initiation.

Many years ago Joe did his Silver Arts Award in storytelling at the museum and the press photographer came to visit. A "grip and grin" shot was what the editor wanted so we equipped Joe with ten finger puppets, and in a weak moment, surrendering all for his art Joe posed for the picture.

When the picture was published, it soon came to the attention of all his friends and fellow college students. It took a long time to live down, no wonder he saw the little fellow and thought of us, but I think we've been forgiven.

One way or another, thanks to Joe, we have a new exhibit in the museum's rainforest.

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