Exhibit Of The Month 47

The Welsh Pedlar

One of the very first exhibits donated to Mythstories, the Welsh pedlar, is very close to our hearts. She pays homage to the carriers of stories from place to place, age to age.

Yes, it wasn't just the tray of haberdashery she carried from house to house, but the news and a weight of traditional tales to delight and entertain her customers.

This beautiful miniature doll, her tray and basket of wares was made by the late Una (Ester) Stimson, whose handiwork can also be admired on Exhibit Of The Month 14. Ester was a regular visitor to the museum over the years and was quick to see the relevance of the little Welsh pedlar to the museum collection on her first visit. The doll had come off display at Llanidloes Museum and Ester was looking for a good home for her, luckily for us that was Mythstories.

So here's to Ester and all the carriers of stories throughout the years.

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