Exhibit Of The Month 45

That crunch beneath your feet

In 2006 we set Rick Wilson a challenge. Rick, a musician and percussionist, has a long pedigree of working alongside storytellers and tells stories himself too, but could he tell stories with no words?

We gave him a Reception class from a local infants school to help him along with the task, and we chose three stories from the South American Rainforest for him to retell.

In the picture above you can see Rick and his willing helpers creating the sound of footsteps walking and running through the leaf mulch. Rick and his team came up with all sorts of different recording scenarios, most of which shall remain top secret, but can you imagine the sound of twenty small mouths sucking on mangoes?

click here for Tupan soundscape Rick went back to his studio in the Welsh hills and waved his magic sampling wand and came up with some amazing results. One, the story of Tupan, is available here, just click on the logo opposite.

If you'd like to know more about Tupan and his story he was the subject of exhibit of the month 26.

Rick's Soundscapes were part of a larger museum re-interpretation project funded by NESTA (The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts).

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