Exhibit Of The Month 38

Ananse's Web

Ananse's Web Quite fittingly for an intangible museum this month's featured exhibit only exists by way of a digital image. It was a truly ephemeral artwork created in less than 20 minutes and then irrevocably tangled to its destruction in a fraction of that time.

Ananse's web was made during our end of term workshop to inspire young storytellers from the nearby Thomas Adams School. The workshop run by STWYTellers (Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin Young storyTellers) had nineteen young tellers being put through their paces creating versions of tales of Ananse the spider-man. So what was more fitting than to set them the task of making Ananse's web.

The photo of the short lived exhibit will be used to accompany podcasts of the pupils finished stories.

A big thank you to the participants, their young workshop leaders Joe, Jen & Daragh, our work experience student Amber and guest storyteller Michael Harvey. The threads of all your stories will linger on.

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