Exhibit Of The Month 37


Story collection can be a magical experience as this digitally enhanced photo by Rachael Hicken illustrates. It is one of a series created in 2000 as part of a Mythstories Arts Council England lottery funded project called "Edric Still Rides". Rachael was tasked with photographing the people around the Stiperstones Hills in South Shropshire and collecting their stories of the legendary hero "Wild Edric", who still haunts those rugged, rocky outcrops.

The prints have just been retrieved from the museum store to be displayed anew in the remodelled Society for Storytelling library area of Mythstories, so this marvellous shot of Molly Rosen makes an ideal choice for this month's exhibit of the month.

Luckily enough Rachael recorded the event in spoken words as well as pictures so if you click here or on Molly's picture above you can hear Molly's stories of the Stiperstones in her own words some twelve years later. And long may those stories live on!

The artistically positioned lens flare became known to those involved in the project as "Molly's little fairy", but might otherwise have been called Molly's muse. This is a tribute to a wonderful natural storyteller.

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