Exhibit Of The Month 33

Storytelling Wagon

Not so much an exhibit which helps tell a story, more an exhibit that provides a space for stories to be told. The Romany Gypsy Storytelling Wagon provides an intimate space just waiting for a story to unfold. It's somewhere most of our visitors find themselves sitting comfortably listening to a tale or two.

The wagon was created in the museum by a project led by six local traveller teenagers. For them it was an opportunity to tell the story of their own heritage. The traveller people in Britain are among the last true carriers of the oral heritage learnt tongue to ear. While in Scotland their roll is recognised here in England that is yet to be the case.

See the video below of The Making of The Romany Gypsy Strorytelling Wagon.

The project was followed by some of their younger family members and friends working on a Young Roots Heritage Lottery Funded Project called "Life In A Box".

the boxes

First learning craft woodworking and painting skills they then made boxes to fit under the settles in the wagon. They collected oral history of their forebears who had travelled in wagons and then collected artefacts of their lives to put in the boxes.

They recorded their family member's stories which are now available on CD for visitors to listen to and see if they can identify whose box is whose.

and their contents

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