Exhibit Of The Month 30

Twelve Paintings Drawing On Stories

This month we feature a new donation, or to be exact a multiple donation to Mythstories' collection from the Flying Donkeys Storytelling club in Derby.

Twelve paintings by Zora Payne make up the Flying Donkeys 2005 Arts Council England funded commission, "Drawing On Stories".

To quote club member Helen Frances...

"When she first came to Flying Donkeys, Zora was a student at Derby University - graduating in Art Illustration in the Summer of 2005. Work on the commission started in October 2004; Zora continued to attend Flying Donkeys with her sketch pad and camera. Following graduation, she set to work over the Summer of 2005 to execute the paintings, working from a massive portfolio of sketches. The result is a wonderful series of paintings which show the workings of the storytelling process on both audiences and tellers."

Come along to the museum and see which of your favourite tellers is featured in these remarkable artworks.

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