Exhibit Of The Month 28

Worry Dolls

'No Worries!' You'll never be stuck for an audience for your stories when you're in the company of Guatemalan worry dolls.
Worry Doll Sash
These tiny little Central American dolls are made for, and often by, children to take away the worries of real life. When the dolls are placed under your pillow you're certain to have a good nights sleep and wake up worry free in the morning.

Some parents even take the dolls away from under the pillows in the early hours to add a little extra verisimilitude to the tradition - 'dolls gone - worries gone'.

The dolls above were donated to the museum collection by young storyteller, Jen Ward, and the sash opposite by Cumbrian storytelling activist, Heather Edwards. Thank you both and may your days always be worry free.

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