Exhibit Of The Month 27

Shadow Puppets

Top billing goes to Rama and Sita this month. These beautiful traditional hide shadow puppets were made for the museum by puppet masters Kavi & Leela Mahipat in India. They form a part of the Illuminate project "Touch It, Move It, Feel the Rhythm and Do It!" funded by NESTA (The National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts).

They can be seen in the Ramayana section of the museum next to John Grayson's beautiful automata and the "To Kill A Demon" series of paintings by Dez Quarréll.

Also in this section of the museum you can make your own shadow puppet, play the ancient Indian game Pachisi, search the cupboards and drawers for clues to the story which appeal to all the senses, or see some of the Lamps and door hangings for the Festival of Diwali gifted to the museum by storyteller Peter Chand.

But this page wouldn't be complete without the other shadow puppets on display, so below you can see Ravana, Hanuman and Lakshmana.

Shadow Puppets
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