Exhibit Of The Month 26

Kebra Nagast

This month centre stage goes to a very unpopular guy, Tupan.

Tupan, an Amazonian God, was, and is much maligned and misunderstood, all because he loved his mum.

He'd get homesick living in the opposite corner of the sky and he just couldn't help himself. He'd jump into his sky-boat, made of two birds, and set sail scudding through the clouds on his way back to visit mum.

Banging into black clouds can only cause one thing, RAIN. And more rain is never welcome in the rainforest below. So poor Tupan ended up a God with no worshippers.

His story though serves an important purpose: When young males are sent away from the tribe to marry into a nearby tribe they know that however homesick they are they shouldn't run to mummy. If they do they'd be as unpopular as Tupan.

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