Exhibit Of The Month 21

New England Colonial HomeNew England Colonial Home

January saw another donation to the museum collection, a beautiful New England Colonial Dolls House made by Margaret Burns.

Margaret wrestled with her attachment to her creation, before rescuing it from her loft to let our visitors share its classic good looks.

At present it is an exhibit in creation rather than a finished piece. Curator Dez is performing restoration works to repair the ravages of time, but this will take place in public view so it is actually on display.

And what are our plans after the essential renovation works have been completed to this newly listed heritage property?

A house of fairy tale, what else? A wolf's tail will be seen disappearing down the chimney; a young boy will be in a cage under the stairs; bowls of porridge and a broken chair will be found in the kitchen.

And what else? That is for you to suggest. We will welcome your ideas. Either email us or come in and take a look at work in progress and give us your ideas straight from your mouths.

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