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To help stop the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) we are cancelling all live events until further notice, we are sorry for any disappointment caused.

In the meantime we will be running occasional digital events and launching new content on 'the story site' to aid home-educators.

Wednesday 10th June 2020 - 11.00am to 3.00pm
at "Mythstories - Let's Create at Home" Facebook Group Page

Let's Create at Home

Let's Create at Home is for home educating families with students aged from 8 to 14.

We're all home educators now, so join our Home Ed Group in a shared workshop to create a storytelling artefact in your home.

This month we'll be creating 'Koloboks' to a traditional Russian recipe.

Prepare a picnic in advance, creativity needs feeding and you can't eat the Koloboks until their tale is told. Join now so you're ready to go!

This week you'll need the basic ingredients announced on the Group page in late May to give you enough time to shop and any little extras for decorating them.

The link to the story will be there on the page at 11.00am... so listen and let inspiration strike. Then get to work and share your progress with messages and pictures on the group page during the session and then post up your finished culinary creations or maybe post a video with you telling your version of the tale with your Koloboks so we can all share our creations.

Mythstories will then edit the material and put a permanent workshop outline on 'the story site'.

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The Pirate Parade to University Centre Shrewsbury, 2019

"Really enjoyable. Always had a smile on my face. Love storytelling thank you!"

"How well science and myth can be combined when enthusiastically and entertainingly presented excellent!"

"Friendly + something for everyone. Learnt a new story + more about the world we live in."

"Great fun + entertaining as well as educational. Thank you. X"

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