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Edric Still Rides

What Lives There?

The Stiperstones can be a bleak cold and windy place but some birds and animals still find it a suitable place to set up home. See if you can find out which birds and animals live on the Stiperstones, and why they've chosen it above anywhere else. There is some information on the 'about the picture' page, but try searching the net to see if you can find any more. In the stories of Wild Edric people say he lives in the old lead mines. The Stiperstones area was a centre of lead mining from Roman times.

Go to: if you want to know more about mining in the area and look at the Snailbeach Site Feature.

Ghost Stories

The Wild Edric in the painting is a ghostly spectre made from clouds of mist. Try to write your own ghost story. You could e-mail it to a friend.

Who Were These People?

The story tells us that the Normans came and wanted to take Edric's land. But who were they, and where did they come from? Try


There is something special about wild places like the Stiperstones which encourages people to compose stories of heroes, ghosts, devils and giants. Plenty of tales have been told about the Stiperstones. Go to Stiperstones Poems Page, or see if you can find the stories about the Devil's Chair elsewhere on this section of the site. All these stories are very old and for many years were never written down so there are many different versions. If you know a different version, keep telling it the way you like, and why not embellish it a bit yourself, plenty of others have done so.

Misty Pictures

Mist is simply condensed water vapour. Breathe on cold glass or a mirror and a thin mist will form on the surface. Draw pictures of ghosts or spectres in the misted glass with your fingers and watch them disappear before your eyes. Don't breathe all over the monitor though!

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