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What is the thing that would make you shout out for joy when you reached home and saw it below?

Can you draw it?

I Say, I Say

What do you think the beaver and the loon had to say to each other after the canoe had flown over?

Why not act out their conversation?

All Those Other Animals

We know the voyageurs flew over the beaver and the loon but there are many other animals they may have seen below in that part of Canada.

Now's the time to do some research. Can you find the names of another ten animals they may have seen below them on their evening flight.

Watch Out Below

Take a piece of paper and draw a long wriggly river from the top to the bottom of the page.

At the top draw a log fire next to the river, and at the bottom draw one of the voyageurs houses in Montreal.

Now, here's the difficult bit ... decorate the length of the river between with little pictures of everything the man of the woods would have seen on his journey.

Don't Forget The End

Have you written your ending to the story yet?

No! Well it's time to get to work. Email your ideas to us, we'd really enjoy reading them.

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