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The Talking Cat

The Talking Cat

Picture Pierre

There is an elaborate description of Pierre Leblanc in the story. He must have been a very distinctive character.

Can you draw your idea of what he must have looked like?

Cat Treats

When Pierre got the cat to talk he reaped the benefits: a bowl of soup, then a pork pie and cheese, some meat and finally even some wages.

If Chouchou really could talk what four things do you think the cat would ask for?

The Cat Family

Below you can see the first letters of 18 members of the cat family, see if you can guess the names. Click on them to see the answers displayed in the boxes on the right. Hey! Wait a minute there are 20 names below not 18. That is because the first three are alternative names for the same animal.

Can you think of any more?

Animal Connections

Get yourself a piece of paper and in the top left corner write the word cat. Now your job is to continue around the border of the page writing names of animals that start with the last letter of the preceding animal, (e.g. catiger the t at the end of cat starts the word tiger).

See if you can get all the way round the page until you reach the word cat again.

If you make it to the end you'll need an animal with c as the last letter of its name, and they are so rare that you can click on the clue at the very bottom of the page to see one displayed. Here are two hints to this animal's identity for those people who are good at guessing games and brilliant at general knowledge.

This animal comes from Madagasca.

It has the largest litter of any mammal, up to 32 babies.

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