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Unit 2 - Arts Leadership Project

For my Leadership Project I decided to organise, research, plan and perform a storywalk around my town of Wem. A storywalk is a walk around villages and towns which is enlivened by tales of the scenery and landmarks. I chose to produce and lead a storywalk because it will help me improve as a storyteller and will increase my repertoire. I am also producing it so local people can discover more stories about Wem and that is why I have researched 4 stories and are including them in my walk. They are :

Truth and Story


Dr. Somersets Monkey

The Stolen Potato


I have chosen these as they all link to Wem and are very different in their content and allow me to produce different storytelling styles to help improve my overall storytelling performance style and try new methods of storytelling out.


Using the guidance leadership planning, I created a leadership plan document.

Click here for Leadership plan document


I also created a mindmap of everything I would take into account.

Click here for my storywalk action plan.


I created a mindmap of my storywalk aims.

Click here for my storywalk aims.


I created adverts for local press and local libraries.

Click here for advert

Click here for press coverage.

I also posted it as an event listing on Facebook

Click here for event listing


I also ensured there was an adequate risk assessment to ensure me leadership of the storywalk was clear and my stewards knew what they were doing.

Click here for risk assessment


As a back up plan in case of poor weather, the plan was to tell the stories in Mythstories Museum,


I performed one story at Dawn Powell's picnic and got feedback from the audience. The use of this was as a practice run for the telling of one story to a group to indicate if anything needed changing.

Click here for audience feedback

Click here for feedback from Dawn herself


I also recorded my stories so that a hard copy was saved.

Click here to hear one of my stories.


I performed my storywalk on Sunday 2nd August 2009 and pictures of the event can be found in the picture gallery.

I obtained feedback from those who listened and watched at the end.

Click here for feedback


I created a leadership review for this challenge reflecting on all that I have done as part of the Unit 2 of the Arts Award.

Click here for personal review


Click here for Unit 2 Picture Gallery