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Unit 1.2 - Arts Practice and Pathways

During my Arts Award I have researched the Pathways of storytelling by watching performances by Bill Spectre (Ghost Walk around Oxford), Dawn Powell (Picnic on the Green) and Jo Blake (We are Pathmakers).

I have produced reviews of the Ghost Walk and of Jo Blake's storytelling show 'We are Pathmakers' by using a template and then creating a short review. I have shared these reviews by posting them here on Mythstories web site and by emailing the Facebook page of the Ghost Walk storyteller. I also interviewed Jo Blake on the pathways to take as a storyteller and with a focus on my own challenge.

Click here for template of reviews

Click here for Ghost Walk Review

Click here for Jo Blake Review

Click here for Jo Blake Interview

As part of my Unit 1.2 work on researching artists and arts organisations I have looked at the Society for Storytelling website ( and saw the potential routes to take in becoming a professional storyteller and how the society can help in helping you start up.

I have also looked at the festivals around the UK and attended Festival at the Edge (FaTE) and have interviewed Mike Rust who co-founded the event.

Click here for interview with Mike Rust

Another storytelling organisation is Mythstories Museum of Myth and Fable, run by Dez and Ali Quarrell. The museum contains many exhibits to aide storytelling and Dez and Ali often tell visitors numerous stories during their visit. Throughout the year there are storytelling performances held there and in the musuem is a large collection of storytelling books. To find out more about the museum go to

There are competitions for young storytellers in the UK with Young Storyteller of The Year ( held in Birmingham every year. This has the potential to help kick start a career in storytelling with performance slots at festivals as prizes.


I have also collected leaflets and flyers of upcoming and past storytelling events. These have been scanned and can be found on the Arts Practice and Pathways Gallery.

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