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Unit 1.1 - Arts Challenge


Unit 1.2 - Arts Practice and Pathways


Unit 2 - Arts Leadership Project



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Unit 1.1 - Arts Challenge

For my Arts Challenge, I have created a project plan at the start of my Arts Award to plan what I intended to do on Unit 1.1 each day.

Click here for the Unit 1.1 Project Plan

For my Arts Challenge, I reviewed my strengths, weaknesses and ambitions in storytelling. I created mindmaps for each of these areas and this helped when deciding my challenge.

Click here for the strengths mindmap

Click here for the weaknesses mindmap

Click here for the ambitions mindmap

I thought of ideas of what to set as my challenge before deciding my actual challenge.

Click here for my action plan and actual challenge

I performed my story of Echo and Narcissus at the Youth Parliament Annual Sitting to an audience of over 400 people. Using the social networking site Facebook I obtained feedback and collected print screens of the comments made.

Click here for the comments and feedback

I also did a personal review of my Arts Challenge and talked about what was good, not so good and how I would change it.

Click here for personal review


Click here for Unit 1.1 Picture Gallery