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My Diary Logs

Tuesday 21st July 

Unit 1.1 – Arts Challenge

I came prepared with some ideas for my challenge by having prepared a mind map for my current strengths, weaknesses and ambitions. My ambitions are linked to my weaknesses and I aim to select one of my ambitions to be my arts challenge so as I can improve that aspect of my storytelling. My ambitions include to be able to tell a longer story (as currently my longest is 13 minutes), to produce more comedy in my performance and to interact and engage the audience more effectively. Tomorrow I intend to select my Arts Challenge. 

Unit 1.2 – Arts Practice and Pathways

I have already collected leaflets, booklets and flyers about various storytelling and arts festivals, performances and professions during my day at Festival at the Edge on Sunday 19th July. I have also been into my local primary school and have done performances and run a morning workshop. As evidence I have photos and an assessment by the class teacher. Today I was shown the library in Mythstories and the LCIS archive that is also in the museum. I was also taken to Wem Library and shown the reference collection to help study local stories for Unit 2 (see below). I also observed Dez Quarréll tell a story to a young family (under 7 thus outside my age range) and then told a visiting family the story of Echo and Narcissus in the Gypsy Wagon and had photographs taken for evidence. 

Unit 2 – Arts Leadership

I chose my Leadership to be a story walk around Wem. I have started to plan, research and create the story walk which I have scheduled for the 2nd August. I have created a poster and contacted local media to ensure I have an audience. I have researched some stories and history of Wem in the reference collection of the local library. I have begun to build up a repertoire, and aim to continue building this up in preparation for my story walk. Tomorrow I aim to build a detailed action plan to succeed in my Arts Leadership. 

I have also created a website in Macromedia Dreamweaver to keep my entire project in and to present my project in a clear and precise way. 

Wednesday 22nd July 

Unit 1.1 – Arts Challenge

I worked on the Arts Challenge a lot today by creating a word document which contains ideas for my challenge and my decision of my actual challenge. Included in this word document are bullet points on what I need to do to achieve my Arts Challenge, what personal commitments I would need and who I would need support from and what support I would need. I refined my challenge to specific and achievable aims. I again told a story to a visiting family and to Fiona and got feedback from both the family (in the comments book) and verbal feedback from Fiona on ideas on how to achieve my aims. 

Unit 1.2 – Arts Practice and Pathways

I looked at the Society for Storytelling website ( and looked at the document on how to become a professional storyteller. This helps add to my research on Arts Pathways in Storytelling.

 Unit 2 – Arts Leadership

I worked on planning my Story walk today. I have created my aims for the story walk, both personal aims and my aims for the audience. I have also looked into my Story walk and thought what would need planning (for example Health and Safety) and created a mind map of these thoughts and ideas. I have also started to advertise my story walk on social network sites such as Facebook and have also been in contact with the local media again to try and get some mention in the papers or on local radio. I also organised my route this afternoon and timed roughly how long the walking would take. I took photos of potential performance areas throughout the walk route and have also created a walk route using Google Maps. I have chosen a shortlist of 5 stories and intend to read and look at these over the course of the next few days in preparation for my story walk where I shall use 3 of these stories. 

Thursday 23rd July 

Unit 1.1 – Arts Challenge 

Today I worked with Fiona on developing my story of Echo and Narcissus. I developed my characterisation of Narcissus, told the story from Hera’s point of view and found a way of engaging the audience by including audience members as Greek Gods. I was pleased with these developments in my story and I plan to perform Echo and Narcissus at a talent show during my residential with Youth Parliament over the weekend.

Unit 1.2 – Arts Practice and Pathways 

Today I watched Jo Blake performing ‘We are Pathmakers’ about her own town, Northampton, and conducted a 20 minute interview with her afterwards aimed to feed into both my development in Unit 1.1 and my research into Unit 1.2.  I also had an informal discussion with Jo over lunch. 

Unit 2 – Arts Leadership 

I spent the afternoon working on my story walk. I took a poster to the library and photocopied a ballad about a local story which I intend to us as a skeleton for one of my story walk stories. I went to the sites of my stories for my story walk and Dez showed me a more accurate place for one of my stories and this resulted in me revising my route. I told my opening story to Dez, Ali and Fiona and had feedback with some suggestions for re-locating it to Wem. 

Tuesday 28th July 

Unit 1.1 – Arts Challenge 

Over the weekend I performed my story of Echo and Narcissus at the Talent night of Youth Parliament and ended up winning one of the 4 ‘Oscars’ on offer. I was very happy with my performance as I successfully engaged and interacted with an audience of over 400. 

Unit 1.2 – Arts Practice and Pathways 

I spoke informally to Dawn Powell about her routes into storytelling and listened to her collection of stories at ‘Picnic on the Green’ which due to bad weather was held in the museum. 

Unit 2 – Arts Leadership 

During Dawn’s Picnic Storytelling, I told ‘Truth and Story’, one of the stories in my story walk, as a warm up to see if anything needed to be honed or improved. It went very well and I got feedback from the audience and from Dawn. 

I went home early this day as I was still very tired from the Youth Parliament residential from the weekend. 

Wednesday 29th July 

I decided to work on the website today with Dez to ensure that the bulk of the work for the website was done today as it would take a whole day but also enabled me to see what I had done and needed to do. It also gave me a break from planning for the story walk and enabled the site to be tested and additions and edits to be planned or undertaken.

 Thursday 30th July 

 Unit 2 – Arts Leadership 

I had a “dry” run of my story walk today with Fiona to check it all was okay and there were no last minute changes needed.

 I also collated further evidence for Units 1.1 and 1.2 as well as updating my website as I saw fit.

Friday 31st July

 Unit 2 – Arts Leadership 

I had another “dry” run of my story walk today with Fiona, Dez and Ali acting as stewards to check it all was okay and there were no last minute changes needed. Fiona, Dez and Ali heckled on purpose to ensure if it indeed happened on the story walk I would be able to cope and know what to do.

 Once again I collated evidence for Units 1.1 and 1.2 as well as updating my website as I saw fit.

 Sunday 2nd August

 Unit 2 – Arts Leadership 

At about 3.05pm my story walk started and friends and family had come to watch. The story walk went to plan and the weather was good so no last minute changes were needed. After my story walk ended I collected feedback using the sheets I had designed and then collated the feedback into a table to put onto my website.

This was the last day of my Arts Award and overall it has been a fantastic experience and has allowed me to develop in my art colossally and I shall continue to use the skills I have learnt throughout my arts.