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Unit 1.1 - Arts Challenge


Unit 1.2 - Arts Practice and Pathways


Unit 2 - Arts Leadership Project



Picture Gallery

Photos below are all Unit 2 - Arts Leadership Award.

Researching for storywalk. (Wem Library, 22nd July 2009)

Researching for storywalk. (Mythstories, 22nd July 2009)

Planning for storywalk. (Mythstories, 23rd July 2009)


Performing at indoor picnic. (Mythstories, 28th July 2009)


Recording storywalk stories (Mythstories, 30th July 2009)


Newspaper coverage of my Arts Award (North Shropshire Chronicle, 30th July 2009)

Telling Truth and Story (Storywalk, 2nd August 2009)

Telling Nellie (Storywalk, 2nd August 2009)

Telling Dr. Somerset's Monkey (Storywalk, 2nd August 2009)

Telling The Stolen Potato (Storywalk, 2nd August 2009)